Simple, Adaptive, Connected


A mobile application has to be elegant, easy to use and provide value to users.

The powerful UXengine™ framework enables us to create state of the art solutions designed and coded natively for the platform they target. We are very passionate on developing web and mobile applications paying attention to every detail creating user experiences that people love to use.


Simplicity is more complex than you probably think it is. UXengine™ applications have the right balance making them usable, elegant and simple.


Adaptive to a wide range of devices from desktops to mobile phones. UXengine™ applications provide an optimal experience to the user with minimal need for resizing panning or scrolling.

Socially Connected

Integration with social networks is an essential part for any web/mobile application. UXengine™ has built-in support for integration with various social networks.


Native apps written in Objective-C (iPhone and iPad), Java (Android phone and tablets) or C# (Windows Mobile) that deliver user-optimized experiences.
Our apps take full advantage of the device recourses and capabilities, such as GPS, camera, calendar and accelerometer delivering higher user adoption, usage volume and user engagement (i.e. duration of usage per session).
All our apps use the powerful UXengine™ framework. Find out more…


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  • How is my user base growing over time?

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